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Inquest confirms ‘opportunities were missed’ by NHS Trust in care of young man

8th Feb 2024

Nigel Duxbury selected Mike Molloy, a partner at HCC, to represent his family following the death of his son, Cameron who died at Royal Bolton Hospital in October 2020.

Cameron Duxbury

Cameron Duxbury

Around six weeks earlier, Cameron was admitted to hospital and he was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition affecting his digestive system, for which he underwent steroid treatment then surgical treatment. Soon after, he deteriorated due to a secondary auto-immune condition which was not diagnosed. This was in spite of symptoms such as a temperature, skin rash and weight loss.

At the end of his Inquest, Senior Coroner Timothy Brennand said opportunities were missed in the care of Cameron, which, if taken, would have prolonged his life.

Following the Inquest and due in part to the evidence that we managed to place before the Coroner the NHS Trust made an agreed compensation payment to the family.

Whilst it was never about the financial recompense this together with a full apology was an accepted acknowledgment of the avoidable situation.

Nigel Duxbury was kind enough to spend some time with us to describe his experience with Mike Molloy and HCC and to press home the importance of other families getting the right legal representation at a harrowing time:

“We always knew that questions needed to be answered by the hospital. Instructing lawyers was never about the financial compensation, it was about getting answers and giving Cameron a voice.  

We initially had another law firm engaged but they bailed out on us because they didn’t think there was any merit in the case. We were deeply dismayed by this and we went for a 12-month period with no legal representation and frankly, we felt let down by the system.

During the pre-Inquest meeting, which happens before the actual Final Inquest, the Senior Coroner advised us that we should really seek some professional legal representation. It was at this point we were recommended to Mike Molloy through a family friend – and it was the best thing we did.

From minute one of meeting Mike we liked his approach. Everything he said he would do in that first meeting  – he did. He promised us that he’d see us through the Inquest and he had a firm belief in our position and he understood from the outset what really mattered to us as a family – and how we were going to get it.

We were particularly impressed with the way Mike carefully listened to us and he was equally as determined as we were to enable our son to have a voice. Mike was clear and straightforward with us from day one and I can’t speak highly enough of him.

Mike Molloy and Firdous Patel always kept us updated and everything they said would happen, right from the outset from meeting us happened. Mike and his team instructed experienced Counsel who was very supportive and of great help at the Inquest and Mike’s team was there every day with us.

We can 100 per cent recommend Mike Molloy and his team to any other families who find themselves needing professional legal representation during an Inquest into the death of a loved one.

Firdous was with us throughout our journey and the entire week at inquest, in a supportive and compassionate way that we will always be forever grateful and we will never forget her role, working alongside Mike.

For our family, it was never about getting financial recompense – it was about getting a voice for our son. That’s what we set out to do and through Mike we got the answers we deserved. We now know what happened and if changes made as a result saves another life it is worth it. Through their work, we got as a family, what we always wanted and we’ll be forever grateful to Mike and his team.”

Mike Molloy, partner at HCC (pictured), said:

“The Duxbury family has been through a deeply painful experience but despite this they have been absolutely resolute and determined to get the answers they – and Cameron –  deserve, on official record, through this process.

Mike Molloy

Mike Molloy, partner at HCC

When families are dealing with Inquests into the death of a loved one, especially in circumstances that involve care providers, like the NHS, it can seem a daunting prospect.

It is important that families understand that they are entitled to professional legal representation and they must choose someone who is experienced and delivers for them. I’m grateful to Nigel Duxbury and his family for the kind words they have said about me and my team.”

If you and your family require legal representation during an Inquest into the death of a loved one don’t hesitate to contact Mike Molloy.

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