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If you or a loved one have been seriously injured whilst on public transport, whether you were on a train, tram, tube, bus or coach or in a taxi, you are in safe hands when you instruct us to handle your claim.

It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure all passengers are safe throughout a journey and if a passenger has been injured, they may well be at fault. Our legal experts will use experience to see whether a successful claim for compensation can be made.

There are various scenarios which can cause injuries on public transport including:

  • Collisions
  • Tripping, slipping or falling
  • Doors closing
  • Stepping on and off as the driver moves off

Our expert public transport injury lawyers have dealt with all kinds of cases and we know how to get you the compensation and rehabilitation you deserve. We operate with a ‘family first’ approach to getting justice for our clients.


Tripping, slipping and falling are common causes of injuries that can happen on trains. They can happen due to things such as broken or faulty equipment or objects in the wrong place. Serious injuries or fatalities can also result from collisions or derailment. We understand all too well that serious injuries can have a profound impact on family life. Our experienced and empathetic team will support you and your family, following an injury on a train and guide you through this difficult time.


Serious injuries on trams can happen because of sudden jolts, broken tram lines or derailing. If you and your family need a trusted legal professional to represent you following a serious injury on a tram, you can rely on us to be on your side. We offer a comprehensive and friendly service from the outset through to your recovery and beyond.

Buses and Coaches

Buses and coaches are considered to be a safe mode of transport compared to private cars and motorbikes. However, collisions involving buses and coaches do still occur and we have many clients who have sustained serious injuries in the UK and abroad.

Other causes of injuries on buses and coaches include slipping, tripping or falling due to the driver accelerating suddenly or performing an emergency stop. Passengers can also become injured getting on and off the bus or coach or by using faulty items such as broken safety handles.

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