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Head and brain injuries resulting from major trauma can have a devastating impact on families. Our team of expert lawyers will support you and your loved ones if your family have been affected by a serious, life changing head injury.

Early rehabilitation from properly qualified experts is essential and we have excellent resources to implement this via an extensive network of expert care managers and therapists.

We also consider the effects on family members and we will work with them to prioritise maximal delivery of the recommended treatment and rehabilitation programme but also take into account their own daily requirements. This will extend to claims for loss of income and care costs.

What are the facts?

Each year approximately 700,000 people attend hospital in the UK after sustaining a head injury.

Head injuries are generally classed as minor, moderate or severe. This classification will depend on a number of factors, including the presence of pre and post traumatic amnesia, their ‘Glasgow Coma Score’ and the outcome of any radiology (scans and X-rays) obtained.

Moderate or severe head injuries can have life altering effects, often causing disabilities. If the radiology investigations or Glasgow Coma Score indicate moderate or severe head injuries, the patient will need close monitoring and care for an indeterminate period.

We deal with many cases of head injuries resulting from different causes including falls, road traffic collisions, tumours and strokes.

What are the symptoms?

The more severe the head injury, the longer term and more pronounced the effects will be. Some victims may go into a coma or experience a prolonged reduced awareness state.

Common symptoms of head and brain injuries are:

  • Behavioural and emotional changes
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Difficulties with cognition and memory
  • Communication problems
  • Physical effects
  • Fatigue

Partner organisations

We work alongside a number of UK charities who offer support to people who are experiencing the traumatic effects of a serious injury.

We are proud to collaborate with Headway (the brain injury association) who work to improve life after brain injuries. Headway helps brain injury survivors come to terms with their new circumstances, re-integrate them back into family and community life and maximise their opportunities and choices.

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