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A pillion passenger is a passenger that sits behind the rider on a motorbike and we are experienced at helping them make a claim if they have been seriously injured.

Pillion passengers make motorbikes heavier which makes it more difficult to manoeuvre. In addition, the gravity of the vehicle is shifted towards the rear end which can cause the motorbike to lift from the front end or even rotate.  This means that both riders and passengers are more susceptible to sustaining serious injuries.

If you have sustained a serious injury as a pillion passenger, we will be able to help you receive compensation, rehabilitation and support for your family. We understand the devastating impact that serious injuries can have on victims and their families and we are devoted to providing them with all the means necessary to get them back on track.

What does the UK law say about carrying pillion passengers?

The highway code states that you cannot carry more than one pillion passenger and that pillion passengers must sit on a proper seat. It also states that you cannot carry a pillion passenger unless your motorbike is appropriately designed. Riders carrying a pillion passenger must inform the passenger of all safety precautions before commencing a journey.

We are knowledgeable about all areas pillion passenger law and have experience handling all types of cases. We have helped many pillion passengers get expert medical care and rehabilitation, as well as providing maximum financial support for their families. We aim to deliver the best possible outcome for victims and their families as quickly and efficiently as possible, following a traumatic event as a pillion passenger.

Riding as a pillion passenger mean that you do have legal rights and riders and other vehicle users have responsibilities. You should speak to us if you are the victim of a collision where you were the pillion passenger on the journey.

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