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We understand the challenges faced by amputees and their families and we will ensure you secure the best rehabilitation package (including prosthetic and orthotic services) as well as psychological support.

We have a proactive approach and work with our clients and case managers to consider a full range of practical issues, including travel and transport, mobility aids, assistive technology, grants and funding, benefits (including carers and allowance) and of course prosthetic and technological options.

Our lawyers will do everything possible to ensure that your compensation considers your needs – and the needs of your family – for the rest of your life, not just the next few years.

What are the facts?

Around 5000 to 6000 major limb amputations are carried out each year in the UK.

Our team is vastly experienced at representing people who find themselves as amputees after being catastrophically injured. In 2022, we became ‘Responsible Rehabilitation’ accredited by Pace Rehabilitation due to our experience, understanding and dedication to continually developing our knowledge of the key issues facing amputees in particular.

We understand that the short and long-term outlook for amputees can be affected by a variety of factors, including age, the extent and location of the amputation and how well the individual is able to cope psychologically and emotionally with the loss of their limb.

People who undergo limb amputation require an extensive programme of physio and rehabilitation, and this may well include psychological treatment in the form of counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy. Access to a comprehensive and consistent course of treatment is vitally important, and the long-term outlook can be significantly improved if the right treatment can be implemented as and when it is ideally needed.

Our focus, right from the beginning, as specialist lawyers who represent amputees is to secure you the funding so that you can begin your rehabilitation swiftly because we know that early rehabilitation creates positive clinical outcomes.

A wide range of symptoms and complications can arise following amputation, including ‘phantom limb pain’ and feelings of grief and bereavement. However, with the right long-term support and rehabilitation many amputees can eventually return to work, sports and other activities.

Our major trauma and serious injury team places specific emphasis on rehabilitation pathways at the earliest possible opportunity and will work to ensure maximal delivery of the rehabilitation following discharge from an NHS Major Trauma centre.

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