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I was a client of Horwich Cohen Coghlan Solicitors after being involved in a serious accident that left me with permanent paralysis affecting my lower back and legs. I first spoke to my solicitor when I was still in hospital during the early phase of post accident trauma, and he explained the process that the case would follow going forward. Regular contact and updates were made throughout, communication was very good and my solicitor took time to explain the difficulties and risks with the case. This helped me understand the weakness and strengths, and I felt I became an active participant and that (guided by my legal advisors) I could help research and collate evidence to formulate a stronger case.

The injuries I sustained were complex and gave rise to lifelong difficulties including incomplete paraplegia, which meant I had to change my accommodation and my working practices. As the long term implications became apparent, my legal advisors at HCC explained the importance of pursuing the right settlement for my injuries rather than seeking premature closure to the case. This was challenging as there is a significant emotional burden on an injured person during the legal process, but I trusted my legal advisors completely and understood and accepted this approach. HCC always took time to respond in a timely manner and always treated me with professionalism, which helped make me feel like an extended and valued member of their team.

My experience of working with HCC team has been a good one and I would recommend them for serious injury cases. I have in fact used HCC since the claim for other legal needs, as I feel I can trust them.